Counselors calls for students to reach out if feeling isolated, depressed or stressed

Melissa Goertz, a counselor at LCCC, wants students to know that they can reach out to the office at any time, even when they are no longer on campus.

“If students are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out please… just reach out to them and make an appointment,” Goertz said. 

As of right now, all the sessions with counselors are all teletherapy. With everything going on, Goertz hasn’t seen an increase in appointments but is hopeful that everyone knows that they can still reach out.

Goertz also had some other advice for students and instructors:

  1. Set aside specific time for class – It’s best to keep the same class schedule before LCCC went online. 
  2. Get away from the computer for frequent breaks, and get away from technology in general for a few times a day. 
  3. Exercise daily if it all possible. 
  4. Try to make bedtime and getting up a routine that you follow every day. 
  5. Do not try to suffer alone.

“Please reach out to a counselor for extra support,” Goertz said. “We are here for you.”

Josh Thiel, a media specialist and Audio-visual teacher at the college, said instructors have struggled as well. . “It’s more of a challenge to do things from home because I’m used to going out and filming our projects for work and right now. I can’t do that, and it makes my job a challenge.

This is also the first year that Josh Thiel is a teacher for LCCC teaching audio-visual class for the college. In that sense, the change to online hasn’t been a huge challenge since Zoom allows him to show the class everything he does on his laptop.  

The last thing that Thiel wants students at LCCC to know is that if anything is bothering them or they’re stressed about classes, say something to the teachers.

“We are here to help in any way we can, just as long as you keep open communication with your teachers about assignments and everything that’s going on day to day,” he said.

To contact the counseling center at LCCC, call (307) 778-4397.

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