LCCC students struggle with juggling between being a student and being a parent.

Having kids and going to school can be a challenge. Being a dad to two boys (7 and 1), I know there is more to a class schedule than simply “what time is class?”

What time to leave the house, who will watch the kids, how much will childcare cost, where will the kids be watched and do I trust the people watching them? I can’t speak for every parent, but I know these are among some of the first things I research about a college. 

LCCC offers quite a few things to support students who  are parents. Among those are:

  • Children’s Discovery Center
  • Parent’s Only Game Night
  • Family room in the Ludden Library

Children’s Discovery Center

The Children’s Discovery Center offers full-time and part-time programs that serve the needs of children of students, faculty and the community. The center is accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). “This is the highest accreditation you can have for an early childhood center. With that we have kiddos that are from six weeks on up to when they go off to Kindergarten,” said Beth Storer, Children’s Discovery Center Assistant Director. The discovery center is broken into four different programs:

  1. The infant program is for 6 weeks – 12 months. The focus is exploration of toys, art, experiences, and opportunity to practice important developmental skills. 
  2. The toddler program is for 12 – 36 months. The focus is expansion on what is taught in the toddler program with the addition of sign language and an introduction to Zoo Phonics Curriculum.
  3. The preschool program is for 3 – 4 years. Children are  assessed for their developmental needs and then presented opportunities to become successful learners on the Creative Curriculum Development Continuum, all while continuing with Zoo Phonics Curriculum. 
  4. The pre-kindergarten is for 3 – 6 years.. Children will continue progress on developmental continuum and their individual skills and strengths are linked to the Wyoming Early Readiness Standards to better prepare them for Kindergarten. 

“All of our classrooms are a preschool- type setting where there is a set curriculum we use for all of the ages,” Storer said. 

For an application, pricing, or to learn more go online to and search “Child Discovery Center” or the Children’s Discovery Center is located in the ARP building. Parent’s Only Game Night

The purpose is to give students the best chance to succeed. There will be games, food, interaction and more. Several groups from the school will attend the event to help get the students off to a good start. Those groups include A.C.T. Now, Admissions, Adult Education, Career Center, Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit, Educational Opportunities Center, Financial Aid, GEAR UP, TRIOand more. 

Family Room in Ludden Library

The Ludden Library has a designated room in the library called “The Family Room.” Kaitlyn Shafer, a student parent said, “It allows me to bring both the girls when I have last-minute stuff and no one else can watch them, so it doesn’t really cut into my academic time. I can still be a mom all in the same place.” The family room is complete with toys, books, children’s chairs and more. It has windows to the outside allowing for a well-lit room and computers for adults to accomplish work. 

For more information or to speak with someone about opportunities and support for students that are parents you can reach out to the Director of Children’s Discover Center Carrie Westling or the Dean of Students, Dr. James Miller

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