No student left behind: LCCC cares for students after campus closure

Shortly after LCCC moved on online classes due to COVID-19, students living in the residence halls were asked to move out. But not everyone could comply with the order.

The students that were unable to leave, international students, or students that didn’t have any other place to go had to apply to continue to stay in the dorms. The majority of the students are athletes who play for LCCC. There are still 25 students living in the residence along with residence assistances who are on call. In fact, many students, including Imourrana Naite, don’t believe their college experience feels much different than it did before the virus hit. 

“My college experience hasn’t really changed much, only getting transferred to online classes which is a little different,” Naite said.

Naite eats at the cafeteria, works out and even hangs with his friends in the dorm, although LCCC continues to promote social distancing. Diana Wilson, director of residence hall living for LCCC, said that students were practicing the guidelines of social distancing.

“We are aware that we should protect ourselves at all times,” Naite said. 

There are no rules in place limiting the number of people in a dorm room. Students are still able to play ping-pong and pool in the lobby, and officials moved weights and stationary bikes into the lobby for students who want to work out. 

Naite says he eats at the cafeteria every other day, depending on what’s on the menu. On days that Naite does not go to the cafeteria he will make fried rice, mac and cheese, fried chicken, and many other tasty foods that are easy to make in a dorm room.

No one staying in the dorms has any symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19. Wyoming has had a relatively small number of cases, especially when compared to the neighboring state of Colorado. 

Altogether COVID-19 has not changed the lives of these students that are still in the dorms besides classes going online and fewer people in the dorms to socialize with. In more than a few ways in Wyoming and at LCCC, the students staying in the dorms have more freedom in their everyday lives than the out-of-state students that went home to live under their parents’ rule, who may have issued their own stay-at-home orders. 

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