Students thankful they still have jobs at LCCC

The corona virus or COVID-19 has changed the lives of students at Laramie County Community College, especially those who are student workers.

As the college is now virtual, the change means students need to work remotely. For Samantha Hensley, however, this is tougher. Hensley works with Frank Cook and Beth Kean in the music department and oversees cataloguing for the music library.

LCCC has several student workers who rely on the jobs to support not only themselves and family but also to help pay their college bills. Hensley has a 2-year-old son to care for.

 “He is the reason I go back to school and work for the school,” she said. “So that I am able to spend the time I need with him during the weekends.”

Student workers, both part-time employees and federal work studies, will be able to continue their work for the remainder of the semester and, perhaps more importantly, still get paid. 

It has brought relief to some students to know that they still have some support when other businesses have been forced to shut down. Student worker Karla De La Cruz, who works as a language lab assistant. started working with LCCC last year. She helps with administrative work and faculty scheduling.

“As a worker, personally, I am grateful that although I don’t go to work everyday that college still provides us with a source of income,” she said. 


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