Fall Sports

Soccer player Ethan Mathis would be willing to make sacrifices if it means he will be able to play for LCCC his sophomore season.

“I would be willing to play without fans,” Mathis said. “It would suck not to have families there to support us, but I think all players want to play.”

Emma Bonney is also returning to LCCC for her sophomore volleyball season. She said that it would be unfortunate to play without fans, but she is willing to adjust if need be. In fact, she would be willing to isolate just to be able to play volleyball if the National Junior College Athletic Association requires it.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding next fall at LCCC, and officials people are working hard to have a fall semester in person while not knowing if they will have to hold classes virtually. In the meantime, people still have many questions for what is going to happen: Will students be returning to the classroom? Will athletes be able to play the game that they love? Will the player have fans to cheer them on? As of now, everything seems to be day by day, but if athletes want to be fine-tuned by the time their season rolls around they have to put in the work now.  

Bonney spends her time on a team workout that every LCCC volleyball player has to do. It consists of warming up with a 10- to 15-minute jog, followed by exercises that focus on the legs, abs, and arms. The volleyball team does this at least three times a week. They also try to work in yoga as much as possible.

LCCC has five sports teams that have their main season in the fall. Mathis and Bonney are training as hard as ever and are not discouraged by all of the uncertainty surrounding next season.

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