Cheyenne Cruise Night

When I was growing up, my father would tell me stories for hours about how he and my mother would cruise around in his 1967 Chevy Camaro . 

That’s why I was excited when Cheyenne started doing cruise nights downtown.

I was for it because it was nice to see residents come together and raise money for the downtown businesses by showing off their vintage cars and trucks.

When I got downtown for the cruise, I drove my 2020 Red Kia Forte with my date, Wingspan Sports Editor Brianna Garica. I noticed the sounds of people cheering as a group of vintage VW bugs sauntered together.

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By the time we pulled out to join the rest of the group, we were cruising next to a 1978 Ford Mustang singing the sweet sounds of well-timed machinery, just like music to my ears coming off the capitol building downtown. I have to admit being downtown during the Cheyenne cruise made me feel closer to my town and to the past.

Such as when my parents enjoyed the simple things like cruising downtown and enjoying the local scenery, something that I can say my generation has really taken for granted. If you get the opportunity, go out on a Saturday and enjoy cruising the strip. Be respectful of the cars in front of you and behind you, and most of all, relax and enjoy the ride.  The cruise is limited week by week, but everyone is invited to be there. For more information look at the Cheyenne Cruise Facebook page for more information.

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