From student to professional: 1971 LCCC graduate, Lead Accounting Technician submitted retirement papers effective July 2019

With 48 years of service under her belt, Laramie County Community College lead accounting technician Marsha McCune has submitted her retirement plans, effective July 15. McCune’s tenure at the college began before she was brought on as a college employee, starting in 1969 when she graduated high school and became an LCCC student. During her

Campus parking won’t shift drastically with new projects: SGA President says there’s a parking problem while LCCC VP says otherwise

It’s a concern that’s been voiced by students at events such as the Student Government Association student forum, it’s something that some students are not big fans of and it’s something that’s always first come, first serve: campus parking. Many students probably know the struggle of trying to get the closest parking spot to the

Psychology instructor to take over as interim dean of the school of Arts and Humanities

The School of Arts and Humanities now has a new interim dean to take the place of the departing dean, Daniel Powell. Laramie County Community College psychology instructor Jonathan Carrier is going to finish off the semester with the classes he’s currently teaching and is then going to solely take on the responsibilities as the

Wingspan awarded Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper at regional conference

Wingspan, Laramie County Community College’s student media organization, has earned 21 awards from three national journalism organizations during the spring 2019 semester. Wingspan was honored with a first-place award with special merit for Best Scholastic Newspaper by the American Scholastic Press Association, extending Wingspan’s streak of winning either first-place or first-place with special merit in

Faculty Turnover: The numbers, why they stay and why they leave

Every industry or business that has an employee base has a rate at which their employees come and go, and Laramie County Community College is no exception. In the last five years, 79 new faculty members were hired and 79 faculty members have left the college. Also within the past five years, the cohort sizes

Course, program competencies will have more flexibility under new initiative: Guided Pathways will shift the way college assesses students

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Laramie County Community College faculty and staff are making final tweaks to the Guided Pathways initiative that is slated for a Fall 2020 implementation date, including the way course and program competencies are handled. Director of Institutional Research Mark Perkins said that course and program competencies are skills that a student should be

All you need is your eyes and clear skies: Experts give tips for sky watching and star photography

As camping season creeps closer and the outside temperatures begin to climb, the opportunity to watch and photograph the night sky presents itself more readily than any other season, and local star gazers have some tips and tricks to share that can bolster the experience of sky watching. Allison Pluda is the owner of the

Women’s reproductive rights: ‘Pro it’s none of your buisness’

OK readers, at this point you probably know that I’m a very passionate person and whenever I have a feeling toward something, I feel it fully with no room for hesitation. Well, here I am again with something that I (surprisingly) didn’t chime in on in our March issue: women’s reproductive rights. I’m going to

Crazy, Cuddly Kitty Cats: Denver Cat Company welcomes people, felines alike

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”13″ gal_title=”Denver Cat Company”] Most people have probably heard the anecdote that goes a little something like this: pets make us humans happier and healthier. However, not every person who finds happiness in furry friends has the time or resources to have one of their own. Well, I have a place for any cat

Photography darkroom closing after spring semester

The renovation of the Fine Arts Building that’s beginning in June  is expected to result in closure of the film photography darkroom used for the Introduction to Photography course. Arts and Humanities Dean Daniel Powell said the renovation plans don’t include the darkroom because of cost, as well as the need to modernize the media

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