Vedauwoo When: May 15 through Nov. 1. Where: Vedauwoo; PhinDeli Town, Wyoming. What it is: Vedauwoo is a popular campsite that offers picnic areas and hiking trails. Vedauwoo offers 12 pull throughs for campers and 14 sites for tents. The area is popular for hiking and enjoying nature. Cost: $5.00 a day per vehicle. More

Work experience within college: It exists

Throughout college, a student is usually working toward a specific goal, whether that is getting a degree in Biology or working toward becoming a historian, as examples. However, after college a lot of people will find themselves working for hourly pay and wonder why they still haven’t been successful in their desired career. The answer

The needs, wants of a person can prove deadly

The needs and wants of a person can be deadly. America has suffered through numerous mass shootings, and the mentality of these shooters can only be described as psychotic and unhealthy. The most recent shooting happened on Feb. 14, 2018, and 17 students were killed at a Florida high school. In November 2017, there was

Pros, cons, rights; marriage is changing in the United States

When looking at controversy in the United States in the past few years, gay marriage has been a popular topic, and Americans have been debating whether same sex couples should be allowed to marry. The United States is one of the best places for diversity. It is a fundamental law that Americans won’t deny someone

Crosby goes from teacher to captain to President of National FBI Academy

James Crosby, Laramie County Community College campus safety director, works with different organizations to keep students at the school safe. Crosby has experience in law enforcement that he said allows him to handle situations on campus. Crosby said he graduated from the FBI Academy as a part of its 164th session. Crosby is originally from

Board of Trustees meeting Jan. 24, 2018

Board of Trustees Meeting Jan. 24, 2018 During the Jan. 24 Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees meeting, the Trustees discussed the strategic plan and approved Crossroads renovations. Brady Hammond, Associate Vice President of the Albany County Campus, informed the board of a long-term strategic plan they’re working on. Director of Campus Operations of

Student gains perspective from traveling alone

An old saying says something like of “it’s not so much about the destination as it is about the journey.” This statement is true for a variety of reasons, one of which includes the experience you get from traveling. In my opinion, it is essential that everyone should travel alone at least once in their

Feminism: The need for equality toward both sexes

According to the dictionary, the term feminism is defined as, “The advocacy of a woman’s rights on the basis of the equality of sexes.” Feminism is brought up within society when talking about the history of women, during times of inequality between men and woman, and in instances when women are put down because of

History cemented into place

Local governments throughout the United States have recently made decisions to remove statues that represent the Confederacy because of their representation of slavery. This has caused controversy because some Americans believe the statues represent American history and shouldn’t be removed. However, there has always been someone to record history since America was established. Confederate statues

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