Childhood Language Clinic helps boosts language skills

  Learning how to read can be challenging for children, especially children with learning disabilities. A small clinic in downtown Cheyenne offers services for these children. The Childhood Language Clinic is run by director Cindy Anderson, who’s been a part of the Clinic since 2005. Anderson is a speech language pathologist who works with 77

Local author discusses his journey through publishing

Local authors’ books Click on each book to see the author’s names and short description of what they write. [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Gallery”][/siteorigin_widget] John Roedel holding one of his books from the Barnes and Noble bookshelves Writing can be an intense hobby, especially when talking to God through Facebook. That’s how one local author managed to publish

The end of a decade long series: “The Avengers: Endgame”

There are NO SPOILERS HERE. I’m here to just release my love and pain to the world about “Avengers: Endgame.” I have been a fan since the first Avengers movie, back in 2012. Sure, I’m not a “true fan” to those who’ve been watching Marvel movies since “Iron Man,” but after watching “The Avengers,” I

Book review: “The Lovely Bones”

“The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold is one of the greatest books I’ve read in a while that deals with loss in the most realistic way. Susie Salmon is our narrator and she starts her story with her death. Susie describes to the readers about being lured by her murderer into an underground hiding place

Math to follow developmental English ‘co-requisite model’ starting fall 2020

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Students who do not meet the requirements for a college level math or English course have options to take co-requisite courses to stay on track for graduating within the two years they have here. Students who have to take developmental math and English classes will be able to take these 900-level classes with

The MCU explained by a stressed out nerd who tried not to explain too much but did it anyways

Click the image to download a high-resolution PDF of the Marvel timeline   Comic book lovers, movie critics, and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe patiently await the highly anticipated end to the greatest superhero movie crossover this century; “Avengers: Endgame.” The MCU timeline started with 2008’s “Iron Man,” and since then more movies skyrocketed

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World review

WARNING: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I was always a fan of the “How to Train Your Dragon” series since the first one came out. The animators put so much time and effort creating all of these different dragons and giving them their own personalities through the animation. The third

Children’s new addiction: smart technology

As a person who has grown up when the Internet was getting big, I was glued to the TV as a kid. I remember getting up every Saturday morning to watch weekend cartoons with my brothers all day. I’m seeing more kids out in public playing on iPads or their parents’ phones. I didn’t have

Graduation applications online

Graduation applications are now available online for graduating students, replacing the paper applications prospective graduates had to fill out at the start of their last semester. Stacy Maestas, LCCC registrar, is in charge of the applications for graduation, and she said she is hoping to see more students apply for graduation since it’s easier to

LCCC Sodexo to host free brunch for federal employees

On Dec. 22,  President Donald Trump initiated a government shutdown in a dispute over funding for border security. The shutdown was lifted on Jan. 25, but federal employees went without a paycheck for more than a month. This shutdown also impacted federal employees in Wyoming. With no pay for the federal employees, many were left

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