No student left behind: LCCC cares for students after campus closure

Shortly after LCCC moved on online classes due to COVID-19, students living in the residence halls were asked to move out. But not everyone could comply with the order. The students that were unable to leave, international students, or students that didn’t have any other place to go had to apply to continue to stay

Theater students ask who they’re performing for after COVID-19 moves classes online

Theatre means a group of actual people, in an actual room at the same time. That’s the way Jason Pasqua learned how to do theater. That’s how everyone, in fact, learned how to do theater before the corona virus.  “But that is not the way a pandemic wants you to do it,” Pasqua said and

Human life over monetary gain

Massive gatherings of people in the form of protests are happening all around the country at state capitals, including those in the past week in Wyoming and Colorado. This is as we move from days into weeks into months of the COVID-19 lock down that is forcing a majority of us to essentially avoid large

“Twelve Angry Jurors”

The 1957 movie, “Twelve Angry Men,” will soon be readapted to fit a more diverse cast in Laramie County Community College’s theatre department’s production of “Twelve Angry Jurors.” The story takes place after the trial of a 19-year-old man accused of the fatal stabbing of his father, said Brielle Bristol, the stage manager of the

Decriminalizing Marijuana

Marijuana is less addictive than alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription drugs and less destructive than a firearm; however, you can legally possess all of them. There’s never been a single reported case of death by marijuana overdose while legal alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs  and firearms have proven themselves to be exceedingly more and more harmful.  

Would Wyoming Legalize?

While Wyoming is surrounded by states like Utah and Montana, that allows the legal use of medical marijuana, and Colorado that has legalized majiuana in all forms, Wyoming still has some of the harshest penalties for marijuana in the country and according to information on the American Civil Liberties Union website, one of the highest

Wyoming: The unequal state of equality

It feels as though we’re in a moment of history in which the rhetoric of, “there are very fine people on both sides,” by the highest political position in the United States, is trickling down at an escalating rate, permitting a sense of acceptance down to even the most innocent level, our children. In a

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