Arts in the age of Covid calls for creativity

Pink tape marks seats all around The Playhouse, distancing them in a familiar manner in this age of COVID-19. The 100 seats are now only 21. Jason Pasqua, the Instructor of Theatre, sits easy in one of The Playhouse chairs. “Theatre is about large groups of people in the same room,” Pasqua said. “We can’t

Choir disappointed that once in a lifetime trip canceled by COVID-19

In March during Spring break, the LCCC Cantorei was set to perform for the Choirs of America at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Just a couple days before they left, administrators reluctantly canceled the trip as news reports began to surface of the infection ravaging the famous city. This trip was supposed to

Theater students ask who they’re performing for after COVID-19 moves classes online

Theatre means a group of actual people, in an actual room at the same time. That’s the way Jason Pasqua learned how to do theater. That’s how everyone, in fact, learned how to do theater before the corona virus.  “But that is not the way a pandemic wants you to do it,” Pasqua said and

Tour of Lights

The trolley tour of holiday lights across Cheyenne started back in 1991, and it’s included holiday tunes, warm clothes and Steven Schwarts. The tour typically makes Schwarts’ home the grand finale. Schwarts started the tradition more than 30 years ago putting lights up for his kids since it was something he wanted to do experience

“Twelve Angry Jurors”

The 1957 movie, “Twelve Angry Men,” will soon be readapted to fit a more diverse cast in Laramie County Community College’s theatre department’s production of “Twelve Angry Jurors.” The story takes place after the trial of a 19-year-old man accused of the fatal stabbing of his father, said Brielle Bristol, the stage manager of the

LCCC celebrates national Hispanic heritage month with Day of the Dead event

Students at LCCC had an opportunity to learn about the Day of the Dead on October 15th at the CCC Student Lounge. Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos is a Hispanic holiday where families pay respects to their deceased loved ones with a celebration involving music, food, and dance among other festivities. It’s believed that the

Friendships formed over the undead

On an otherwise quiet Friday night on the LCCC campus, is usually spent doing homework, Antony Andrikopoulus and Shawn Smith found themselves trying to survive in a world overcome by zombies. The LCCC Tabletop Gaming club, which started rolling in early September, introduced their first role-playing game event on Oct. 11th with “Last Night on

Haunted house in downtown Cheyenne

Nightmare on 17th Street is a haunted house in downtown Cheyenne which has been running every October for over 30 years. Located in 312 ½ W. 17th Street also known as the Grand Lodge, the upstairs lobby can seat a few hundred patrons while they wait to enter the basement of the building where the

Children’s Village Celebrates 10 years

  On Sunday September 22, 2019 a beautiful fall day, Paul Smith’s Children’s Village held their 10th birthday party. Organized by Aaron Sommers, the party was a big success and enjoyed by many kids of all ages.  The festivities began with interactive storytime that involved the children bouncing tennis balls and using pool noodles as

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