LCCC students struggle with juggling between being a student and being a parent.

Having kids and going to school can be a challenge. Being a dad to two boys (7 and 1), I know there is more to a class schedule than simply “what time is class?” What time to leave the house, who will watch the kids, how much will childcare cost, where will the kids be

Students thankful they still have jobs at LCCC

The corona virus or COVID-19 has changed the lives of students at Laramie County Community College, especially those who are student workers. As the college is now virtual, the change means students need to work remotely. For Samantha Hensley, however, this is tougher. Hensley works with Frank Cook and Beth Kean in the music department

Women’s History Month highlights impact women have had on LCCC’s Legacy

March is known not only as a celebration of those of Irish descent but also it is the month of “National Women’s History.” Laramie County Community College is celebrating this month with an event after spring break. The event includes screenings of movies that showcase women in history and will take place March 24. Olivia

LCCC campus security team

James Crosby, Campus Safety Director, and his crew of security officers have the accomplishments and backgrounds in psychology, theology and even anti-terrorism to ensure the safety of everyone at Laramie County Community College. Juan Maldenado, Campus Safety Assistant Director, acts as Crosby’s right-hand man. Alongside Crosby and Maldenado there are six full-time campus safety officers

LCCC Wyoming Highway Patrol Partnership

It’s easy to get caught up in the comradery of the Wyoming Highway Patrol cadets who are taking part in a new program recently added at Laramie County Community College. The 10 men who gather in room 217 of the Flex Tech building at LCCC are from all over the country, but they all speak

Campus Crews armed with plows…

Cheyenne- The National Weather Service in Cheyenne issued a winter storm warning for a large area that included Laramie County Community College two days before Thanksgiving. Richard Evelo, Ground Maintenance Manager for LCCC, was ready with his army of workers at 2 a.m. Tuesday as the clouds gathered. Evelo said that it is important to

Students should seek counseling to solve seasonal stress

Finals are here and Christmas break is just around the corner, and for many, this is the most stressful time of the year. Even Christmas break can bring stress, as you may be returning to an environment, aka your home, that’s more stressful than your tests. There are lots of ways students cope with the

LCCC works to provide meals for many

Everyone loves sweets, but to diabetics, it could be disastrous if they eat food with processed sugars. Gluten is a problem for others. Some are allergic to peanuts. Even others can’t eat dairy products. There’s also those who choose to have dietary restrictions, as they are vegetarians or vegans. All this is why the Laramie

Therapy dog helps student succeed

As you are walking the halls of Laramie County Community College, you might have seen a  beautiful black German shepherd walking beside a young man as he makes his way to class. They are inseparable: Where you find one, you’ll find the other. Dogs aren’t allowed on campus. But Theia is no ordinary dog.  Ryan

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