Tornadoes provide thrills, but saving lives is the real reason we brave the storms

On June 12th, 2017, forecasters expected one of the worst tornado outbreaks to hit portions of southeast Wyoming, northern Colorado and western Nebraska in more than 30 years.   It was also the first time in history that a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch had been issued for these areas, which sounds as bad as it

Human life over monetary gain

Massive gatherings of people in the form of protests are happening all around the country at state capitals, including those in the past week in Wyoming and Colorado. This is as we move from days into weeks into months of the COVID-19 lock down that is forcing a majority of us to essentially avoid large

Save LCCC’s nameless letter promotes fear, not change, in college

People often choose to be anonymous, and with justifiable reasons, whether it’s a demotion, being fired, or a negative response from other staff. There are plenty of warranted reasons not to put your name on something. However, anonymous sources cause a great risk to their message: Readers will lose confidence in what the anonymous author

“Save LCCC” calls for accountability

Dear Members of the Board: On October 9th, the day after the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) concluded their accreditation visit, the president of Laramie County Community College (LCCC) stunned the campus by announcing the removal of the vice president for academic affairs from office. More shocking was the simultaneous announcement of the replacement and the

Logging Roads and College Paths

Logging roads are full of rocks that sink deep into mud. That mud hardens over time, imprisoning the rocks for the rest of their days. Perhaps out of spite, they seize an opportunity to trip up hikers who stub their toe and trip. Older students such as myself are faced with these rocks, and each

Creepy but Classic

As October rolls in, that is when you start seeing books, movies, or items in stores that are creepy. When people think of the month October, most think of Halloween. Or if you are a hunter and love adventure then it is the beginning of hunting season for rifle…but that is besides the point. There

Amanda Brown moves up to a new position

Amanda Brown has worn quite a few different hats here at LCCC. She started here as a student in 2002 and then in 2014 she was hired as an adviser. Now she is teaching psychology to it’s students and in between she’s been a counselor and taught COLS. You might wonder why she’s been in

Spidey senses say Spider-Man leaving MCU will hurt Marvel

This summer we have been graced with two history changing movies with Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home. With the epic conclusion of Endgame, Sony and Marvel needed to set their sights on the future of the MCU and, from the looks of it, Spider-Man was going to be the answer to the long

Decriminalizing Marijuana

Marijuana is less addictive than alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription drugs and less destructive than a firearm; however, you can legally possess all of them. There’s never been a single reported case of death by marijuana overdose while legal alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs  and firearms have proven themselves to be exceedingly more and more harmful.  

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