Women’s reproductive rights: ‘Pro it’s none of your buisness’

OK readers, at this point you probably know that I’m a very passionate person and whenever I have a feeling toward something, I feel it fully with no room for hesitation. Well, here I am again with something that I (surprisingly) didn’t chime in on in our March issue: women’s reproductive rights. I’m going to

Right to life is the most important right of all

Life is precious, so why would we even think of harming another human being?  Pro-life is a recent cry that is heard in the United States. Stuart and Helen Sweet had tried for four years to have a child. Helen and Stuart experienced heartbreak and agony as they tried unsuccessfully to have a baby of

Just Felt Like Sharing

There is an inherent loneliness that accompanies a soldier when he or she transitions to civilian life. When you’re in the military, your life is micro-managed to the point where you have no question as to what you will do tomorrow. You wake up, you train, you eat, you train, you eat, then your day

Children’s new addiction: smart technology

As a person who has grown up when the Internet was getting big, I was glued to the TV as a kid. I remember getting up every Saturday morning to watch weekend cartoons with my brothers all day. I’m seeing more kids out in public playing on iPads or their parents’ phones. I didn’t have

Transferring to a university over 1,500 miles away: I’m excited and terrified

All right readers, I know that most of the opinion pieces that you’ve seen from me have been in a more angry tone (ask anyone who knows me, I’m generally a grumpy person). So, I’m going to change it up a bit for once. Look at me, making new year resolutions (just kidding, the idea

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