Welcome to the Wingspan Intranet, a one-stop shop for the resources that will make you a successful reporter, editor and photographer at Wingspan.

Important things to remember:

  • Staff communications run through Slack. If you need help with Slack, talk to your editor or adviser and we’ll help you.
  • Grades are kept up to date on Canvas. If you need help with Canvas, talk to your adviser and I’ll show you how to navigate it.
  • Have an online resource that would help other reporters? Please share it with your adviser or editor and we’ll add it to the Intranet.
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Current assignments

Not sure what you should be working on? Check out this list of assignments:

Start of semester checklist

Staff members should complete these tasks by 11:59 p.m. on the day after our first class session. Please complete these tasks in the order they are presented.

  • Read these items:
  • Set up these accounts (Returning students are encouraged to reuse accounts they’ve used previously):
    • Google
      • You need Google to access the Wingspan Copy Desk
    • Twitter
      • Reporters use Twitter to converse with their readers, gather and share information
    • WordPress
      • This is to give you access to the LCCCWingspan.com website so you can build cool things. When you set up your account, be sure to set up a free personal site for yourself. You’ll use this to build your portfolio.
    • Slack (click here to join Wingspan’s slack channels)
      • We use Slack to communicate about Wingspan business, share interesting articles, make announcements about jobs and internships, and more.
  • Fill out these forms online
    • Personality profile
      • This is where we collect all of the information about the accounts you just set up.
    • LCCC driver’s form
      • This is for limited liability insurance that protects the college (and you!) in the event of a car accident. You do need to fill this out (the college requires it), even if you don’t have a driver’s license.
  • Fill out these forms that came in your first-day packet. Drop them off for your editor before the deadline.
    • Student’s rights and responsibilities legal form
      • This is the form that outlines your legal rights to own and publish your work in other publications. This is also required by the college.
    • Society of Professional Journalists membership
      • Wingspan buys all of its staffers a 1-year membership. This is a great journalistic organization and a nice thing to add to your resume.
  • Write your bio (this is so readers know who wrote the story they just read online)


The following calendars are maintained as a resource for Wingspan staff members. Please use them.

Reporting resources

Research resources

Here are some helpful resources for reporting on events at LCCC, in Laramie County, and beyond. Staffers are encouraged to add to this list.

  • Find a story
    • LCCC events calendar
    • LCCC Press Releases
    • LCCC Athletics site
    • National Junior College Athletic Association
    • LCCC Board of Trustees
    • Laramie County Clerk Election Site


Wingspan typically enters the following contests every year:

American Scholastic Press Association

typically due in December


Society of Professional Journalists

typically due in January


Society for Editing Headlines Contest

typically due in January


ACP Pacemakers

typically due in April/May


CMA Pinnacles

typically due in April/May


Columbia Scholastic Press Association

typically due in April/May


Portfolios, scholarships and syllabi


Students who are enrolled in the Publication or Multimedia Productions courses will be required to start and maintain a portfolio throughout the semester. Instructions on how to build and submit that portfolio are below:



Students are encouraged to apply for MMMM Department scholarships — all you need is a FAFSA and a 1/2 page application. Once on scholarship, you’ll begin to build a portfolio of work through Wingspan to maintain your scholarship. Building a portfolio will give you real-world experience and clips you can take to the job market.



You should receive a syllabus in your welcome packet, but you can also download it here. I also maintain current syllabi on Canvas.

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