If Mathis acquires WyoTech, LCCC’s prospectus plans to be fulfilled

Laramie County Community College’s plans to acquire WyoTech are now in limbo as the Educational Credit Management Corporation, the company that currently owns the trade school, has shown interest in an offer from a private buyer. According to a report from Ike Fredregill in the Laramie Boomerang, WyoTech could be purchased by former WyoTech president

College lays out plan to procure WyoTech

Laramie County Community College released a plan to acquire Laramie-based WyoTech with the release of a prospectus. The prospectus outlines the support the college will need in both the short term and long term from the state, Albany County and the city of Laramie, and WyoTech’s current owner. Albany County Campus Associate Vice President Brady

50th anniversary: looking back at key moments of the 2000s

It has been called the “Enigma,” “Campus Free Press” and “Crow Creek Gazette,” the latter referring to the dirty creek running occasionally though the southside of town. In 1976, the student newspaper at Laramie County Community College was changed to “Wingspan” by Jeanne Uphoff and it has stuck ever since. Wingspan has achieved multiple milestones

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