Muddlin head to Ludden

Laramie County Community College offers many resources on campus to the students, but there is one resource some students do not take advantage of as they are unaware of all the services available to them, which is the Ludden Library. According to Paula Badgett, who is one of the main librarians and whose focus is

Creepy but Classic

As October rolls in, that is when you start seeing books, movies, or items in stores that are creepy. When people think of the month October, most think of Halloween. Or if you are a hunter and love adventure then it is the beginning of hunting season for rifle…but that is besides the point. There

A secret that last’s “Evermore”

“There are times when we need to hold out faith and hope even when the circumstances seem impossible.” “Evermore” is the second book to Jody Hedlund’s newest young adult fiction series. The book “Evermore” is just as exciting as the prequel. One of the lost princesses has been handed the key that holds a secret

Jody Hedlund’s new series…”Always” leaves you captivated

“Sometimes, when we think we’ve come to a dead end, we’ve arrived instead at God’s stepping-stone on the way to bigger plans.” Jody Hedlund’s newest novella, “Always” is the start of a new young adult series. It is captivating and enjoyable. A lady of the court has made a promise. The king’s guardsman has also

Wingspan’s first book club: “The finer things”

Editor’s note: The Finer Things Book Club is a new series where we ask members of the LCCC community for their best book recommendations. Those who want to participate are encouraged to email us at or call 778-1304. The instructor: Mary Ludwig The book: “The Woman’s Hour:  The Great Fight to Win the Vote”

What I wish I would have known before purchasing books at the bookstore

Books: one of the more expensive school supplies you have to buy when attending college. Often, most of your classes will require at least one book, if not more. It’s easy for the amount you spend on books to climb into the hundreds.   Naturally, as a broke college student I try to save as

Laramie County Library hosts local author day

Local Author Day When: Sept. 22. From 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Where: Laramie County Library. 2200 Pioneer Ave. What it is: Local authors will be signing and selling their books. Come and meet your favorite author or find a new favorite author. Cost: Free. More info: For more information, go to or call

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