Great advice to help you get a job

As the college closes out on the spring semester, some of you might be heading to other colleges or universities, and some are looking to apply for jobs or internships, like what I’m doing. Since some of us are planning on getting jobs after graduation, I’ve decided to make a “helpful” guide on how to

Top 10 songs released in 2019 that should be added to your summer playlists

Since summer is almost around the corner I’ve decided to tell you the top 10 songs, released in 2019, that you should add to your summer playlist. I will also be linking Spotify and YouTube playlist links I made for summer playlists.   Bad Guy by Billie Eilish “Bad Guy” is packed with bass and

A single guy gives “helpful” relationship advice

We’re all getting older and at that age where our parents are like, “when are you going to get off your computer and bed and get out there and start dating?” Sometimes desperation may set in and you feel like you need a boo for “cuffing season.” Other times it can be just fun, or

A year in sports, what a year it was

The year 2018 featured a wide range of emotions in the sports world, both locally and nationally. Here in Cheyenne, LCCC volleyball took ninth-place at nationals, a coach that made a difference left the college, and a young basketball team is learning how to play together. On the national scene Odell Beckham Jr. is still

If it wasn’t simple before, here’s a sequel

Now that I’ve been living on my own for eight months now I can safely say I know a solution to all of the problems of living in an apartment with roomates. Often these solutions have a simple overarching answer. These are my solutions to these problems.   An issue we run into often at

From column writer to President: why you should vote for Hamel in 2020

It’s that time of year again; the sun isn’t shining because the weather is turning awful, the birds aren’t singing because it’s too cold now, and it’s time to cast your vote on a ballot where you recognize five percent of the names. That’s right, it’s election season. First off, we’ve got plenty of information

From health sciences to mass media, the note that changed a career path

I had a plan, a detailed plan. Graduate high school, get into the radiography program my first year at Laramie County Community College, marry my high school sweetheart and become a traveling radiology technologist. When only one aspect of my plan worked out, my mother told me that when people try to make plans God

Summer offers opportunities to work toward your goals

If you are reading these words that means that you have made it! You are in the homestretch of spring semester and summer is right around the corner. Sweet, blissful summer, with its long days, warm nights and no homework in sight. Summer is every student’s dream when classes end and the list of obligations

Are video games to blame?

I had heard in the news recently that President Donald Trump had said that he’s surprised violent video games don’t affect a small percentage of kids in a negative way. This isn’t the first time he’s talked about violent video games. Trump tweeted in 2012, “Video game violence and glorification must be stopped – it’s

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