The Day Before expected to draw more than 300 new students for first-annual event

Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate ‘The Day Before.” The inaugural event is in association with the new Guided Pathways program that Laramie County Community College is hosting. The Day Before is aptly named as it takes place Aug. 20, the day before classes officially kick off for the Fall 2019 semester. With

The clear-cut path of General Education v2.0

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Laramie County Community College’s Guided Pathways Program was created with a vision to make the higher education experience as a whole easier for students to navigate. The purpose of the program is to clarify a student’s path, help the student get on and stay on a path, and ensure students are learning. One

Program maps to help students avoid course requirement confusion

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Some students struggle through requirements and get confused over specific classes for each degree or credential. According to Academic Advisor and Program Maps co-chair Caitlin Cox, Guided Pathways program maps are a solution to provide students at LCCC a more appropriate road map to navigate through their degree or credential programs until graduation.

Initiative to simplify admission process: Streamline Effective Entry process to be integrated with advising

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] The Guided Pathways initiative includes redesigning the way students enter Laramie County Community College and the support systems that helps students succeed. One of the nine Guided Pathways committees focuses on “Streamline Effective Entry.” This is to eliminate barriers to enrollment and advising. As part of the Guided Pathways work the LCCC team

Course, program competencies will have more flexibility under new initiative: Guided Pathways will shift the way college assesses students

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Laramie County Community College faculty and staff are making final tweaks to the Guided Pathways initiative that is slated for a Fall 2020 implementation date, including the way course and program competencies are handled. Director of Institutional Research Mark Perkins said that course and program competencies are skills that a student should be

New initiative to help students not lose credit

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] In the fall of 2020, incoming freshman who are currently undecided on their potential major will have the opportunity to sample classes at Laramie County Community College with the implementation of the Guided Pathways Program. The Guided Pathways Program, according to LCCC’s model, groups specific courses together to help students decide on a

Math to follow developmental English ‘co-requisite model’ starting fall 2020

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Students who do not meet the requirements for a college level math or English course have options to take co-requisite courses to stay on track for graduating within the two years they have here. Students who have to take developmental math and English classes will be able to take these 900-level classes with

Getting to know Guided Pathways: Vice presidents explain reasoning for initiative implementation

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] [embedyt]   Laramie County Community College’s Guided Pathways initiative has been in the works for two years, and students will begin to see the effects of this initiative in the fall of 2020. The layout of how programs,majors, advising, admissions and more will be undergoing changes over the next year. The four

Committee looks to add more hands-on learning opportunities

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Laramie County Community College hopes to give its students more opportunities to gain hands-on experience in their chosen career paths.. The focus of LCCC’s Essential Student Experiences committee is to help students acquire the proper skills needed in the career field they’re interested in. Job markets seeing high demand include: office clerks, government

Guided Pathways to help clarify students’ paths

Laramie County Community College is undergoing a three-year model called Guided Pathways that is intended to improve the rate of student success. “The next three years are part of a redesigning of the college in many ways, and it will be one of the most impactful work we do in our careers,” said Judy Hay,

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