Haunted house in downtown Cheyenne

Nightmare on 17th Street is a haunted house in downtown Cheyenne which has been running every October for over 30 years. Located in 312 ½ W. 17th Street also known as the Grand Lodge, the upstairs lobby can seat a few hundred patrons while they wait to enter the basement of the building where the

Frequently asked questions about Halloween

Q: Where did Halloween celebrations originate? A: According to History.com, the ancient origins of Halloween date back to the early Celtic, who lived 2,000 years ago, in the area now known as Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France. The Celtics celebrated their new year on Nov. 1. This holiday was known as Samhain (pronounced:

Drag me to Zombie Fest

It’s that time of year when the leaves start to turn autumnal colors and everything has a pumpkin spice to it. However, if you are more into the ghoul of October, you should look into Zombie Fest. Zombie Fest is full of events that should not take place before the witching hour. There is everything

Knights of Pythias Haunted House

The Knights of Pythias’ annual “Nightmare on 17th Street” Haunted House returns to Cheyenne for scary spooky nights. Tickets cost $10. Tickets cost $5 on Friday, Oct. 13 if you come in costume. Military discounts for tickets are offered with ID. Monday, Oct. 30 is Blackout Night. Glow sticks will be given out to those

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