Women’s History Month highlights impact women have had on LCCC’s Legacy

March is known not only as a celebration of those of Irish descent but also it is the month of “National Women’s History.” Laramie County Community College is celebrating this month with an event after spring break. The event includes screenings of movies that showcase women in history and will take place March 24. Olivia

Wyoming’s lost but never forgotten

The Wyoming National Guard Museum is a living library of archives that represents the military history of the state and city of Cheyenne. In 1929 a warehouse was built by the Wyoming Military Department and from 1936-1938 the second section of the building was designed. “The warehouse was used for storage of supplies for the

History Cries for Preservists

“Forgotten history is like a flame that is quickly put out once a drop of water hits it.”  Such may be the case for the Wyoming National Guard Museum unless organizers can get the workers, funds, or publicity that is needed. This museum is essential in preserving our military history. Here is just a bit

History cemented into place

Local governments throughout the United States have recently made decisions to remove statues that represent the Confederacy because of their representation of slavery. This has caused controversy because some Americans believe the statues represent American history and shouldn’t be removed. However, there has always been someone to record history since America was established. Confederate statues

Frequently asked questions about Halloween

Q: Where did Halloween celebrations originate? A: According to History.com, the ancient origins of Halloween date back to the early Celtic, who lived 2,000 years ago, in the area now known as Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France. The Celtics celebrated their new year on Nov. 1. This holiday was known as Samhain (pronounced:

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