A single guy gives “helpful” relationship advice

We’re all getting older and at that age where our parents are like, “when are you going to get off your computer and bed and get out there and start dating?” Sometimes desperation may set in and you feel like you need a boo for “cuffing season.” Other times it can be just fun, or

If it wasn’t simple before, here’s a sequel

Now that I’ve been living on my own for eight months now I can safely say I know a solution to all of the problems of living in an apartment with roomates. Often these solutions have a simple overarching answer. These are my solutions to these problems.   An issue we run into often at

From column writer to President: why you should vote for Hamel in 2020

It’s that time of year again; the sun isn’t shining because the weather is turning awful, the birds aren’t singing because it’s too cold now, and it’s time to cast your vote on a ballot where you recognize five percent of the names. That’s right, it’s election season. First off, we’ve got plenty of information

The ABC’s on entrepreneurship provided by a non-Business major

I’ll start off by saying I have very little experience in working in management positions and even less experience in actually starting up a business. In fact, that’d be zero experience, but we won’t focus on that. But honestly, how hard can it be? You just do a little start-up investing, hire some people to

Simple solutions to complicated situations

As a person who experiences the day-to-day problems of life in a first-world country, I find that I encounter many simple problems. Problems like a frozen windshield in the morning,  computer viruses or not knowing how to turn the alarm off on your roommate’s phone. They always have a solution that is temporary and are

Crazy writer exhibits raging opinion over anything, really

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a game she and her friends would play called “Don’t Get Me Started.” In the game, you’re given a random topic and have to have the most passionate rant about whatever it is, no matter how you actually feel. I’d play it with the

How I became a professional chef in a week

Even though I’ve been out living on my own for over a year, I still find myself living off fast food and prepackaged garbage. A week ago, I came to conclusion that I’d finally put an end to that. I needed to advertise my desire to learn from a professional chef, so I printed up

Humor Column: A handy guide for new college students

To any students new to Laramie County Community College reading this article, I’d like to welcome you to the best darn community college in Cheyenne. Actually, I guess it’s the only one, but still. This marks my fifth semester at LCCC and I’ve certainly learned a lot throughout my time here. As this school year

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