Behavioral issues may be the thing to look for when there’s a mass shooting

When I started writing this article, I was focusing on mental health and how it relates to some devastations within the country; however, after an interview I conducted for this column, I now have a whole new outlook on this topic. During this interview, Laramie County Community College psychology instructor, John Sanford, said that mental

The needs, wants of a person can prove deadly

The needs and wants of a person can be deadly. America has suffered through numerous mass shootings, and the mentality of these shooters can only be described as psychotic and unhealthy. The most recent shooting happened on Feb. 14, 2018, and 17 students were killed at a Florida high school. In November 2017, there was

The political divide runs deep with no bridging in sight

It is 2018; Donald Trump is president, Snoop Dog has his own Netflix show and women are wearing pink pussyhats during marches. All debatable subjects at this point in history, but none of them are as prominent as the extreme political divide that the United States is facing. As much as I wish I could

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