No, there’s not a war on men and no, most sexual assault reports aren’t false

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] It really sank in when I heard one of my close friends say, ‘Why? No one would believe me. It happened years ago.’ Hearing that come out of the mouth of a friend I’ve known for years punched me in the gut. I’m referring to sexual assault and rape. I know that the

Supporting Survivors: Survivors face uphill battle when rape culture seeks to discredit them

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Discussions about sexual violence often include terms like “victim blaming” and “rape culture.” But what is this culture, and how does it translate into danger for victims, especially women? Amanda Brown, an LCCC Campus Health and Wellness Center counselor, defines rape culture as “when a social group normalizes or makes light of sexual

It’s always a scary time for women

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Tish Tower said, “We are the granddaughters of the witches that you could not burn,” an important quote that’s been circulating, but I recently saw a similar one, “We are the granddaughters of the women you kept silent.” It rings true to this moment in time and we aren’t going to keep silent

Sexual violence more prevalent at college

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] The last year has seen an explosion of sexual misconduct allegations against high-profile figures, thrusting the topic into the news and the public’s consciousness.  The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have helped to further the dialogue. It seems that sexual violence has never taken such a central position in the day-to-day discourse of

Measuring effectiveness of prevention trainings

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Every year during the fall semester, students at Laramie County Community College are required to participate in two trainings, the Not Anymore trainings. While some students may complain that the trainings are too long or too frequent, LCCC’s Title IX coordinator says the trainings can improve daily lives. “Training is something that generally

Wyoming community colleges see decrease in sexual misconduct reports since 2015

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] There were a total of 12 sexual misconduct crimes reported across the seven Wyoming community colleges in 2016, and nine of them were reports of rape, according to a national report. The Jeanne Clery Act is a federal statute requiring colleges and universities participating in federal financial aid programs to maintain and disclose

“Not Anymore” seeks to teach consent

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] By Medeia Ramirez, contributing writer   Not Anymore trainings are mandatory for all Laramie County Community College students before registering for the next semester. “It is training that covers issues of drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault prevention,” said Judy Hay, vice president of Student Services. The trainings

LCCC focuses on sexual assault prevention

[siteorigin_widget class=”mh_custom_posts_widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Laramie County Community College had a total of five reported crimes of sexual misconduct since 2014 to 2016, according to the latest Campus Safety and Security Clery Report. The Jeanne Clery Act is a federal statute requiring colleges and universities participating in federal financial aid programs to maintain and disclose campus crime statistics

Encouraging diversity, momentum with #MeToo movement

He smiled. She moved away. He touched. She moved farther away. He told her it was OK. She fought herself in her head. Was it ok? Is this normal? Consensual? Am I part of #MeToo? Women across the nation have found solace since the birth of the #MeToo movement, and it seems as though there

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