Being a military brat shaped who I am

Behind every soldier is a force, one they protect, serve, and die for. One they leave behind. One that takes just as much in adversities. I am very proud to call myself a military brat. My dad served in the United States Air Force for more than 20 years before retiring in 2004. A military

Wyoming’s lost but never forgotten

The Wyoming National Guard Museum is a living library of archives that represents the military history of the state and city of Cheyenne. In 1929 a warehouse was built by the Wyoming Military Department and from 1936-1938 the second section of the building was designed. “The warehouse was used for storage of supplies for the

Local author soldier’s on during deployment

“Soldier On” is a fiction book by local author Vanessa Rasanen. The book tells the story of a soldier serving overseas and the relationship with his wife. In the beginning of the book, Rasanen uses a lot of vivid words. This makes me wonder whether this is her everyday talk or an author’s way of

Just Felt Like Sharing

There is an inherent loneliness that accompanies a soldier when he or she transitions to civilian life. When you’re in the military, your life is micro-managed to the point where you have no question as to what you will do tomorrow. You wake up, you train, you eat, you train, you eat, then your day

New veteran COLS 1000 proposed

Phi Theta Kappa proposed several changes be made to campus to benefit the veterans attending Laramie County Community College. A team of PTK members and Student Veterans of America members met with LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer with their concerns. Schaffer then asked PTK to come up with a formal proposal for changes and additions

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