Great advice to help you get a job

As the college closes out on the spring semester, some of you might be heading to other colleges or universities, and some are looking to apply for jobs or internships, like what I’m doing. Since some of us are planning on getting jobs after graduation, I’ve decided to make a “helpful” guide on how to

Right to life is the most important right of all

Life is precious, so why would we even think of harming another human being?  Pro-life is a recent cry that is heard in the United States. Stuart and Helen Sweet had tried for four years to have a child. Helen and Stuart experienced heartbreak and agony as they tried unsuccessfully to have a baby of

A year in sports, what a year it was

The year 2018 featured a wide range of emotions in the sports world, both locally and nationally. Here in Cheyenne, LCCC volleyball took ninth-place at nationals, a coach that made a difference left the college, and a young basketball team is learning how to play together. On the national scene Odell Beckham Jr. is still

If it wasn’t simple before, here’s a sequel

Now that I’ve been living on my own for eight months now I can safely say I know a solution to all of the problems of living in an apartment with roomates. Often these solutions have a simple overarching answer. These are my solutions to these problems.   An issue we run into often at

Sounds good: Editor’s take on best EP’s/albums of 2018

As we draw near to the end of the year, I usually formulate what I think are the best albums of the last 12 months. So, for this column I will tell you what I think are the top five best EP’s and albums of 2018. What helps me determine what makes a good album

Memes bridge fake news and readers

“Fake News,” is a rediscovered term that’s now common enough that it’s become deeply ingrained in the vocabulary of our sitting president. Unfortunately, President Trump fails to accurately define “fake news” for what it is, a type of yellow journalism that relies on the worst instincts of Americans, using fear-mongering, scandal-promoting, conspiracy theories, sensationalism, or

Be smart when it comes to throwing out trash, recycle

About 80 percent of what Americans throw away is recyclable, yet the rate of recycling in the United States is only 28 percent, according to Wayne State University’s Office of Campus Sustainability. It seems a new report comes out every day about the devastation wrought on our planet by human consumption and waste. We are

From health sciences to mass media, the note that changed a career path

I had a plan, a detailed plan. Graduate high school, get into the radiography program my first year at Laramie County Community College, marry my high school sweetheart and become a traveling radiology technologist. When only one aspect of my plan worked out, my mother told me that when people try to make plans God

De-stress for the summer

For college students, stress comes with the territory. There is the stress of being on your own for the first time, working toward your degree and keeping up with classmates, so taking a break can be very healthy. Summer is a great time for a break. According to Noba, a college textbook on psychology, stress

Simple solutions to complicated situations

As a person who experiences the day-to-day problems of life in a first-world country, I find that I encounter many simple problems. Problems like a frozen windshield in the morning,  computer viruses or not knowing how to turn the alarm off on your roommate’s phone. They always have a solution that is temporary and are

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