State approved loan to college to further new residence hall construction

The LCCC Board of Trustees will apply for a state loan for the construction of a new residence hall.   According the the Wyoming Tribune, the state legislators,  in the 2018 session passed Enrolled Act 67 which allows state colleges to apply for up to $60 million.  The new program will allow colleges to to apply

College search panel to hire new Residence Hall director

A Laramie County Community College search panel conducted the first round of interviews in the search for the new Residence Hall director during the week of April 16-20. Two to three finalists will be chosen from this round to proceed through further evaluations, which will include an open forum for students to ask questions and

50th anniversary: looking back at key moments of the 2000s

It has been called the “Enigma,” “Campus Free Press” and “Crow Creek Gazette,” the latter referring to the dirty creek running occasionally though the southside of town. In 1976, the student newspaper at Laramie County Community College was changed to “Wingspan” by Jeanne Uphoff and it has stuck ever since. Wingspan has achieved multiple milestones

Options arise to help pay for a new residence hall

With the bond election failing in November, Laramie County Community College is still looking for ways to build a new residence hall. “We always knew that if there was one project that could stand alone, that it would be the residence hall,” President Dr. Joe Schaffer said. Students pay to live in the residence hall,

With no bond, trustees plan next step

Laramie County Community College sought a $29.8 million bond in this past election for renovations and projects on campus; however, the bond failed. This bond would have helped LCCC achieve and finish the Strategic Plan by 2020. This plan included renovations of the Fine Arts building, construction of a performance hall, renovations and expansion of

Poll analysis strikes bond conversation

  Laramie County Community College is entering a bond election on Nov. 7 that, if passed, will help fund current projects on campus. The current projects are renovations of the Fine Arts and Recreation and Athletic Complex buildings, and construction of an auditorium and new residence hall.   According to The Economic Value of Wyoming

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