LCCC works to provide meals for many

Everyone loves sweets, but to diabetics, it could be disastrous if they eat food with processed sugars. Gluten is a problem for others. Some are allergic to peanuts. Even others can’t eat dairy products. There’s also those who choose to have dietary restrictions, as they are vegetarians or vegans. All this is why the Laramie

Sodexo takes precautions to ensure food safety

The Cheyenne- Laramie County Health Department is wanting employees to know basic food safety guidelines. Sodexo Manager Kennith Coder explained some health safety guide lines his staff performs everyday to be successful at Laramie County Community College.   “There are health and safety modules that people do online, that are through the company. Employees can

The Food Pantry will return to LCCC in the spring of 2018

More students will soon be able to get help from the Laramie County Community College Pantry thanks to efforts by the Student Engagement and Diversity Office. The group of students, staff and faculty members is moving the food bank, and bringing in more food for students. “When we’re up and fully running, it will be

LCCC student wins POWER UP Retro Renegade Sweepstakes

A student from Laramie County Community College won the POWER UP Retro Renegade sweepstakes from the Retro Renegade National Prize Sweepstakes. Sierra Hennelly, feature editor of Wingspan, was selected as one of 23 winners. POWER UP is a feature in Sodexo’s more than 600 college and university campuses. It is a promotion for students interested

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