Training for top jobs

A tall white pole with the wings of a plane can change the future of energy production by using the wind. Laramie County Community College offers a degree in wind energy to help this. Wind turbines can be seen across the state of Wyoming. They have been a bit of a controversial subject on whether

Wyoming’s lost but never forgotten

The Wyoming National Guard Museum is a living library of archives that represents the military history of the state and city of Cheyenne. In 1929 a warehouse was built by the Wyoming Military Department and from 1936-1938 the second section of the building was designed. “The warehouse was used for storage of supplies for the

Cheyenne native speaks on how US-China relations effect Wyoming

Central High School graduate Matt Ferchen spoke about relations between the United States and China, and how they impact Wyoming, on Nov. 1 at Laramie County Community College’s ANB Bank Leadership Center.   Ferchen works at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy where he leads a program on China’s relations with developing nations, specifically dealing

ULTIMATE SUMMER FUN GUIDE: Centennial Elevation Celebration

When: July 7, at noon. Where: Centennial at the Mountain View Historic Hotel and Cafe What: An annual music and artisan festival featuring seven musicians, with intent to fundraise for the Local Search and Rescue and the Volunteer Fire Department. Cost: Tickets are $10, if ordered ahead of time, and $15 at the gate. More:


All the following events take place at the Cheyenne Civic Center, at 2101 O’Neil Avenue. More information can be found by visiting   Label: The Midtown Men When: May 4 at 7:30 p.m. What it is: A vocal rock ensemble performing music mostly from the 1960s. The members consist of former stars from the

Looking into Wyoming’s political divide

Within our country, there is a clear divide when it comes to certain political views.  In Wyoming, there is a history of division, like the Johnson County War, just as any other state has. The earliest division was simply between the north and south counties of the state. Farmers and stock growers dominated the north,

You can take the girl out of Wyoming but not Wyoming out of the girl

  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why I live where I live or labeled me as simple, I would be rich enough to explain and prove them otherwise in a number of ways; but, reserving space on a newspaper page will suffice to enlighten curious minds on why my

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